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Brookwood School Mission Statement

Brookwood is a warm, child-centered community of exuberant learners with an extraordinary commitment to both the development of the mind and the development of the self. Through a purposeful balance of challenge, encouragement, and opportunity for appropriate risk-taking, the School fosters lifelong habits of inquiry, critical thinking, creativity, and scholarship, just as it instills a healthy sense of self, a flexible mindset, and a deep respect for the dignity of others. Ultimately, Brookwood strives to graduate academically accomplished individuals of conscience, character, compassion, and cultural competence.

Mission in Practice
I Communicate
respectfully, directly, and clearly.
I Collaborate
at school and in the world.
I Think
critically, creatively, and globally.
I Honor
differences and diverse perspectives.
I Take Risks
and when I struggle or fail, I grow more resilient.
I Take Responsibility
for myself, the care of others, and my environment.