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Current Faculty and Staff

Our faculty hail from many of the nation’s best colleges and universities, and most hold advanced degrees. They are at Brookwood because they love teaching kids, and they all strive to make a difference in the lives of their students.

The following is an alphabetical listing of our current faculty and staff, followed by their telephone extensions in brackets. To contact a faculty or staff member by email, use the first letter of the person’s name followed by the last name, followed by (for example,, except those noted below.

  • Laura Caron

    Head of School
    Brown University, B.A., Harvard University, Ed.M.
    ext:  6201
  • Peter Abramson

    Grade 8 Team Leader, History Teacher, Advisor; Grade 6 World Cultures Teacher
    University of Virginia, B.A.; Williams School of Law, J.D.
    ext:  6261
  • Katie Alexander

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Washington University in St. Louis, B.A.; Teachers College, Columbia University, M.A.
    ext:  6299
  • Will Barker

    Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
    Lewis and Clark College, B.A.
    ext:  6298
  • C.J. Bell

    Grade 7 Team Leader, Science Teacher, Advisor
    Bowdoin College, B.A.
    ext:  6278
  • Maile Black

    Grade 6 Team Leader, English Teacher, Advisor, GCP Teacher, Social Studies Teacher
    Harvard College, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6262
  • Liz Buchan

    Grade 5 Teacher
    Wellesley College, B.A., Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6281
  • Lindsay Budzinski

    Learning Skills Specialst
    Princeton University, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed
    ext:  6241
  • Kayla Burke

    Grade 6 Math Teacher, Advisor
    Tufts University, B.S.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6273
  • Joshua Cabral

    French Teacher, Grade 8 Advisor
    University de Rouen, B.A.; University of Massachusetts, M.A.
    ext:  6329
  • Monika Carbochova

    Grade 7 Math Teacher, Grade 7 Advisor
    Charles University, Magistri Degree, Ed.; Charles University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6263
  • Sarah Carpenter

    Spanish Teacher, Grade 7 Advisor
    Middlebury College, B.A.; Columbia University, M.A.
    ext:  6331
  • Brian Carver

    Grade 8 Math Teacher, Advisor
    Binghamton University, B.S.; Lehman College, M.S.
    ext:  6340
  • Jeffie Chapin

    Learning Skills Specialist
    Skidmore College, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6287
  • Ashley Contilli

    PreK Assistant Teacher
    Saint Michael's College, B.A; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6327
  • Jen Cunningham Butler

    Grade 3 Teacher
    Middlebury College, B.A.; Harvard University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6321
  • Anna Maria D Ippolito

    Math Skills Specialist
    Haverford College, B.A.; Michigan State University, M.A.
    ext:  6268
  • Sarah Dawe

    Grade 1 Teacher
    Colby College, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6295
  • Evan Diamond

    Head of Upper School, Grade 6 World Cultures
    Kenyon College, B.A.; Harvard University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6260
  • Alex Edwards

    Lower School Music Teacher
    Gordon College, B.A.
    ext:  6311
  • Bobbie Erdman

    Athletic Support Coordinator, Physical Education Teacher
    Slippery Rock State College, B.S.
    ext:  6359
  • Nancy Evans

    Head of Lower School, PreK-5 Language Arts Coordinator
    Drexel University, B.S.
    ext:  6290
  • Ray Falconer

    Grade 8 English Teacher, Advisor; Grades 5-8 Language Arts Coordinator
    Hamilton College, B.A.; Middlebury College, M.A.
    ext:  6264
  • Doug Fodeman

    Technology Director
    University of Vermont, B.A.; Duke University, M.A.T.
    ext:  6233
  • Debbie Gantt

    Performing Arts Coordinator; Grade 8 Advisor, Team Leader; Music Teacher
    Berklee College of Music, B.M.; Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, M. Music
    ext:  6310
  • Sheila Geraty

    Pacific Oaks College, B.A.; Simmons College, M. Children's Literature; Simmons College, M.L.I.S.
    ext:  6336
  • Hannah Gill

    Assistant Kindergarten Teacher
    James Madison University, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6354
  • Molly Gistis

    Learning Skills Specialist
    Trinity College, B.S.; Harvard University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6363
  • Jody Gray

    Upper School Learning Skills Coordinator
    University of Rhode Island, B.A.; Boston University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6326
  • Faith Hall

    Learning Skills Specialist
    Gordon College, B.S.; Simmons College, M.S.Ed.
    ext:  6328
  • Pam Hawes

    Director of Teacher Training Program
    Northern Essex Community College, A.A.; Salem State College, B.A.; Wheelock College, M.Ed.
    ext:  6345
  • Elizabeth Highgas

    Grade 4 Teacher
    University of Massachusetts, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6285
  • Sven Holch

    Grade 5 Teacher, Social Studies Coordinator
    Connecticut College, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6284
  • Lisa Johnson

    Middle School Coordinator, Grade 5 Teacher
    Middlebury College, B.A.; University of Denver, M.A.; Western Carolina University, M.Ed.; Harvard University, Cert. Reading Disabilities
    ext:  6280
  • Annie Johnson

    Grade 6 Science Teacher, Science Coordinator, Grade 6 Advisor, 2014-16 Amory Parker Chair
    Harvard University, B.A., Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6271
  • Suzanne Kelsey

    Art Teacher
    Hamilton College, B.A.; Massachusetts College of Art, M.F.A.
    ext:  6316
  • Elise Koretz

    Grade 2 Teacher, 2014-16 Amory Parker Chair
    Duke University, B.S.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6293
  • Adam Kuhlmann

    Grade 7 English Teacher, Grade 7 Advisor
    Dartmouth College, B.A.; Columbia University Teachers College Klingenstein Fellowship
    ext:  6265
  • Rich Lehrer

    Innovation Coordinator
    University of Regina, B.S.; University of British Columbia, B.Ed.; The College of New Jersey, M.Ed.
    ext:  6270
  • Lin Lempert

    Early Intervention Literacy Director
    Millersville State University, B.S. Ed.; American International College, M.A.
    ext:  6320
  • Kent Lenci

    Grade 7 History Teacher, Advisor; PGD Coordinator
    Bucknell University, B.A.; Harvard University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6267
  • Amy Leverone

    Learning Skills Specialist
    University of Maryland, B.A.; Arizona State University, M.B.A.
    ext:  6324
  • Suzy Light

    Grade 2 Teacher
    Bucknell University, B.S.; Lesley Collge, M.Ed.
    ext:  6296
  • Martha Liquori

    Upper School Learning Skills Specialist
    Boston College, B.A.
    ext:  6266
  • Barbara Liston

    Assistant Head of School
    Princeton University B.A.; Harvard University, Ed.M.
    ext:  6208
  • Andrew Luman

    Music Teacher, Grade 6 Advisor
    Gordon College, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6313
  • Mayumi Morash

    Middle School Learning Skills Coordinator
    Amherst College, B.A.; Simmons College, M.S.Ed.; Harvard University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6325
  • Lauren Notas

    Music Teacher
    Berklee College of Music, B.M.
    ext:  6312
  • Katie Ober

    Auxiliary Programs Assistant, Alumna Class of 2008
    Gordon College, B.A.
    ext:  6353
  • Dr. Henry Oettinger

    Grade 5 Math and Science Teacher, Sustainability Coordinator
    University of Pennsylvania, B.A.; Boston College, M.B.A.; University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D.
    ext:  6269
  • Sarah Perkins

    Grade 4 Teacher
    Bard College, B.A., Brown University, M.A.T.
    ext:  6291
  • Enrique Polletta

    Kindergarten Teacher
    Bridgewater State College, B.A., M.Ed.
    ext:  6292
  • Dan Riles

    Technology Integration Specialist, Computer Support Specialist
    Haverford College, B.A.; Webster University, M.A.T.
    ext:  6236
  • Bill Schneider

    Physical Education Teacher
    Springfield College, B.S.
    ext:  6342
  • Sarah Shea

    Grade 8 Science Teacher, Advisor
    Princeton University, B.A.
    ext:  6297
  • Karen Shorr

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
    Wheelock College, B.S., Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6305
  • Moira Smith

    Grade 3 Teacher
    Washington and Jefferson College, B.A.; Simmons College, M.S.Ed.
    ext:  6323
  • Kathy Stewart

    Visual Arts Coordinator, Art Teacher
    Temple University, B.S.; University of Massachusetts, M.A.T.
    ext:  6315
  • Kim Tolpa

    Learning Skills Specialist
    Denison College, B.S.; Southern Methodist University, M.A.; Harvard University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6283
  • Kirsten Trumbull

    Learning Skills Specialist
    Gordon College, B.A.; Boston University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6240
  • Amy Wang

    Mandarin Teacher
    Peking University, B. Law; Beigjin Normal University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6332
  • Mike Wellington

    Athletic Coordinator, Physical Education Teacher
    Unviversity of New Hampshire, B.A.
    ext:  6341
  • Ben Wildrick

    Grades K-4 Science Teacher
    University of Pennsylvania, B.A.; City College of New York, M.A.; Antioch University, Teacher Certification Program
    ext:  6306
  • Annabel Wildrick

    Lower School Art Teacher, Grade 6 French Teacher, Grade 6 Advisor
    Pitzer College, B.A. University of Washington, Teacher Certification Program
    ext:  6317
  • Jeff Wilfahrt

    Grade 1 Teacher
    Creighton University, B.S.; Boston College, M.Ed.
    ext:  6307
  • Michael Wise

    Computer Support Specialist
    Binghamton University, B.A.
    ext:  6234
  • Carrie Woodruff

    World Languages Coordinator, Spanish Teacher
    Colby College, B.A.; Suffolk University, M.B.A.
    ext:  6330
  • Tim Wright

    Computer Teacher, Grade 6 Advisor, Grade 7 Math Assistant, Sloyd
    The Evergreen State College, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6235
  • Justin Zappia

    Director of Auxiliary Programming
    Hamilton College, B.A.; Daemen College, Secondary Ed. Certification
    ext:  6244

Teaching Apprentices

Administrative Staff

  • Alicia Drury

    Receptionist, Substitute Coordinator
    Pepperdine University, B.A.
    ext:  6200
  • Patti Gillis

    Administrative Assistant and Registrar
    Salem State College, Johnson and Wales College, A.S.
    ext:  6209
  • Monica Grant

    Administrative Assistant to the Division Heads
    Marian Court College, A.S.
    ext:  6228
  • Cathy Marrero

    Executive Assistant to the Head of School
    Cornell University, B.S.
    ext:  6202

Admissions Office Staff

  • Carolyn Brennan

    Admissions Assistant
    University of New Hampshire, B.A.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
    ext:  6205
  • Kate Fuge

    Associate Director of Admissions
    St. Lawrence University, B.A.
    ext:  6203
  • Lindsay Murphy

    Director of Admissions
    Trinity College, B.A.
    ext:  6204

Advancement Office Staff

  • Tory Carlson

    Assistant Communications Director
    Mount Holyoke College, B.A.
    ext:  6227
  • Eliza Cowan

    Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, Alumna Class of 1995
    St. Lawrence University, B.A.
    ext:  6226
  • Dionne Kelly

    Manager of Donor Data and Analytics
    Stonehill College, B.A.
    ext:  6272
  • Jennifer Lowrey

    Director of Advancement
    University of Southern California, B.S., M.P.A.
    ext:  6223
  • Bronwyn McCarty

    Director of the Brookwood Fund
    ext:  6224
  • Kacey Morris

    Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
    St. Michael's College, B.A.; Emerson College, M.A.
    ext:  6225

Business Office Staff

  • Kacey Desmond

    Colby Sawyer College, A.A.; Colorado State University, B.S.; Montana State University, M.P.A.C.
    ext:  6221
  • Susan Gilardi

    Benefits and Accounts Manager
    Bay State College, A.A.
    ext:  6220
  • Tom Murphy

    Director of Finance and Operations
    University of Missouri, B.S. B.A.; Rockhurst University, M.B.A.
    ext:  6222

Health Services

  • Dr. Shayda Ahi

    Mt. Holyoke College, B.A.; University of Maryland, M.A., PhD.
    ext:  6217
  • Paula Cardarelli, R.N.

    Director of Health Services
    Simmons College, B.S. Nursing & Psychology
    ext:  6211

Maintenance Staff

Culinart Food Service Staff