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Brookwood School Teacher Training Program

Teaching Apprentice greeting Grade 3

Brookwood School Teacher Training Program

"The Teacher Training Program at Brookwood prepared me to handle all aspects of managing my own classroom - from lesson plans to parent/teacher conferences.  I am successful as a teacher because of the training I received from my directing teachers and all the faculty.  Brookwood is a wonderful, loving and supportive community that I will never forget."
 -- Cara LaMontagne, First Grade Teacher, Marblehead, MA

Practice and theory are merged in this yearlong program offered by Brookwood School and Lesley University. This comprehensive program allows you to learn to teach by teaching while simultaneously exploring educational philosophy. Teaching Apprentices (TAs) are respected and valued members of the school community, working closely with mentor teachers and taking part in all aspects of school life.

Dedicated & Supportive Mentor Teachers
Brookwood’s teachers are dedicated not only to the success of their students, but also to the education of their TAs. As active learners and experienced professionals, mentor teachers provide a strong model from which to learn. Through regularly scheduled meetings and daily interaction, TAs receive frequent feedback and guidance.

One Year of Experience in the Classroom
The strength of our program is the melding of theory and practice. Over the course of the school year, TAs will teach in two different classrooms. Within each placement, TAs will have the opportunity to observe, teach small and whole class lessons, work with students one on one, and be a part of parent conferences and writing progress reports. On and off campus opportunities for professional development are also available.

Masters Degree & Initial Massachusetts Licensure in One Year
Upon completion of the Teacher Training Program, TAs will have earned their Masters Degree in Education from Lesley University and a Massachusetts Initial Licensure.  TAs receive support and guidance from Brookwood’s program director and through Lesley University throughout the certification and job search process.

Two types of Teacher Licensure and two courses of study are available: Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.

For more information, contact Program Director Pam Hawes at or 978-526-4500, ext. 6345.