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Brookwood Welcomes Second Guatemalan Exchange Student

Through the Experiencas Culturales exchange program, Aouda is at Brookwood and in the U.S. for an eight-week stay, returning home on December 8. A current Brookwood family is hosting Aouda during her visit so she will experience not only what school is like in the U.S. but also what a typical American family’s daily life is like as well.

While at school, Aouda will participate in all aspects of student life, spending the majority of her time with the seventh grade but also working with and visiting other grades and classrooms. Throughout her stay Aouda will share her culture with Brookwood students through daily conversation and by presentations in classrooms throughout the school.

 “This is an amazing opportunity for our students to interact with another student from abroad and make connections,” says World Language Coordinator Carrie Woodruff. “And importantly both Aouda and Brookwood students are experiencing firsthand the benefits of learning another language and using their language skills in an authentic manner."

Experiencias Interculturales works with Guatemalan students ages 12 to 17 seeking a school exchange experience in the United States. The children sign-on for an eight-week stay in the U.S. from October through mid-December, which is their summer vacation time. Most are proficient in English and often study a third language like German or French and attend private schools in Guatemala. 

Last year was the first time Brookwood worked with Experiencias Interculturales, when the school welcomed 12-year-old Luis E., or Quechi as he is known, to our school community. We are delighted to welcome Aouda this year.