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Capital Naming Opportunities

As of April 2015

Brookwood Lower School$1,000,000 
Dining Room/The Commons$500,000Liston Commons
Lower School Town Square$500,000Crate Family
PreK/K Program Space$300,000 
Moniz Kitchen$250,000George and Renee Moniz
Servery$250,000Patrican Family
Lower School Portico$250,000John and Elizabeth Godfrey
Classroom  PreK$100,000Scott PreK
Classroom K- A$100,000 
Classroom K-B$100,000Perkin Fund
Classroom 1-A$100,000Ibrahim El-Hefni Technical Training Foundation
Classroom 1-B$100,000 
Classroom 2-A$100,000 
Classroom 2-B$100,000 
Classroom 3-A$100,000 
Classroom 3-B$100,000 
Lower School Music Room$100,000Ross Family
Outdoor Classroom PreK/K$50,000du Four Family
Outdoor Classroom Grade 1$50,000 
Outdoor Classroom Grade 2$50,000Chat and Claudia Reynders
Outdoor Classroom Grade 3$50,000Peter and Amy Dowd
Lower School Performance Space$50,000Erich and Jen Buddenhagen
Faculty Lounge$50,000Guerster Family
Lower School Head’s Office$30,000Stephens Family
Lower School Breakout Space Grade 1$25,000Brett Perryman
Lower School Breakout Space Grade 2$25,000Livingstone Family
Lower School Breakout Space Grade 3$25,000Tom and Cindy Redinger
Lower School Cooking Center$25,000Carter and Kristen Vinson
Learning Center One$25,000John and Michelle Morris
Learning Center Two$25,000Cotreau Family
Reading Room$25,000O’Brien Reading Room
Town Square Technology$25,000 
Dining Room Technology$25,000Edelstein Family
Chef’s Office$25,000 
Lower School Outdoor Science Classroom$50,000DeSimone Family
Director of Teacher Training Office$25,000 
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