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Enrique Polletta

Grade 3 Teacher
Education:  Bridgewater State College, B.A., M.Ed.
ext:  6292

Faculty Member since: 2013
Education: Bridgewater State University, B.S.; Bridgewater State University, M.Ed.
Favorite children’s book: The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein.
Favorite lesson to teach: I deeply enjoy teaching beginning writing to our budding writers.
Beyond Brookwood: My family just moved do this area and are still getting acquainted with the community. We have a wonderful neighborhood, love hiking, and are Mass Audubon members. I also love cycling, drawing (landscape sketch), and once made a professional soccer team; soccer is the sporting love of my life!
On risk-taking: As long as it’s not too risky! Joking aside, I deeply enjoy jumping into new environments and learning something new or something I’m not good at. (I remember my elementary teacher Ms. St. Hildair always had us try exotic foods: Snake and Frog Legs were on the menu in 2nd grade). Kindergarteners jump into new things almost every day, and I believe that the healthy risk-taking, social and emotional health of all people, especially young children, is fostered and developed in the Early Childhood grades. Therefore, I have always enjoyed helping children, each day, to feel good about themselves as people and as learners. I want them to feel smart, to know what they are good at, and to not be intimidated by what challenges them. I feel that the healthier children feel about themselves as they hit the inevitable “academic” bumps in the road, the more smoothly each child will make it through those times.
What at Brookwood makes you a better teacher? Support. People at Brookwood come early, laugh, work hard and don’t mind staying late if it means providing students with an optimal learning experience. I love that I look forward to coming in on Sunday nights, popping in some music, and working in my classroom to create exciting activities for the kindergartners on Monday mornings. I like that although people don’t always agree, they seem to be rowing in the same direction and are respectful to each other and positive about it; in my experience, Brookwood is truly unique in that way.