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Ashley Contilli

PreK Assistant Teacher
Education:  Saint Michael's College, B.A; Lesley University, M.Ed.
ext:  6327

Education (elementary & high school)
Winthrop Elementary School in Hamilton, MA; Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

Where did you grow up?
Hamilton, MA.

Other roles at Brookwood
I run the Prek-K after-school program.

Faculty member since 2013.

Why do you teach your respective age group?
I LOVE teaching PreK. While you are teaching them you are also learning from them at the same time. This age group has so much to offer.  I love the exploring and the questions and never knowing where they day will take us.  Everyday is different but full of learning.

What is your favorite classroom lesson to teach?
I love when they have choice time and different manipulatives to play/ build with. I love watching them explore freely.  I love seeing what they come up with and what they do. Somehow it always ends up in teaching a lesson or brings on a new unit to teach that I would have never thought of if it wasn't for the children!

Is there something at Brookwood that makes you a better teacher?
I love that I am always being challenged in a positive way.  Always being pushed to think differently and outside the box.  The support and sense of community allows me to do that and feel safe to take risks and learn to be a better teacher myself.  Its okay to make a mistake.  Kids need to see that too.  Making a mistake and trying again and knowing it is okay makes me a better teacher.

Unique skills/passions/interests
I love to play sports. I love playing field hockey and basketball and being outside and going on walks. I also really love music but don't play any instruments.  I just got a Ukulele from my father-in-law and my goal this year to learn how to play it!

Favorite children’s book
My favorite children’s book is What Do You Do With an IDEA? by Kobi Yamada

What do you love most about life at Brookwood?
What I love most about life at Brookwood is that we encourage both children and adults to take risks.  I love School Meeting and children getting up on stage and taking risks.  I love the sense of community and support we all give each other all the time. We don’t expect children to do things we wouldn’t do. Teachers get up on stage, too. Children and Teachers are models for each other. I love that.