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Kayla Burke

Grade 6 Math Teacher, Advisor
Subject/Department:  Math
Kayla Burke
Education:  Tufts University, B.S.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
ext:  6273

Faculty Member since: 2011
Education: Tufts University, B.S.; Lesley University, M.Ed.
Favorite children’s book: Winnie the Pooh—all of them—by A.A. Milne, and Harry Potter—all of the them—by J.K. Rowling.
Favorite lesson to teach: I love geometry. I feel like it’s something all kids can relate to and even if they don’t become mathematicians, they will still at some point need to use geometry.
Beyond Brookwood: I coach swimming. I also love knitting and crocheting.
On risk-taking: You can’t learn without making mistakes and in order to make a mistake, you need to take risks. The more you do that, the more comfortable you become with putting yourself out there and this is an important skill to have in life, not just in the class room. So I love teaching sixth grade (and the Upper School ages in general) because students are young enough to let loose and be silly. Also, they are at an age where they can be highly influenced by their interactions with adults, and I love making those positive personal, connections.
What at Brookwood makes you a better teacher? The community is amazing. And as a relatively new teacher, the support from my colleagues is inspiring and definitely makes me a better teacher.