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PGD: Personal Growth & Development


Our PGD curriculum has three strands: Kindergarten Buddies, media literacy, and social awareness.  We focus on the five tenets of empathy/civility, resiliency, sense of self, advocacy, and personal reponsibility.

Buddy pairings help foster a sense of community, break down exisiting separateness between divisions, and encourage individual relationships between students of different ages. Our Buddy Program may also include a service learning component.

Media literacy is the ability to critically consume and create media... to access, evaluate and produce media.  Click here for media literacy/language of persuasion

Following you will find the Brookwood Anti-Bullying Policy.  In additon, we have also provided you with an outline of our Pre-K through Grade Five Social Curriculum.  This curriculum addresses, on a developmentally appropriate level, the following: 
     *Who am I?   Who are you?   Who are We?   Who are they?

Click here for Brookwood's Anti-Bullying Policy

Click here for Pre-K through Grade 5 Social Curriculum

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