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Guatemalan student begins eight week visit at Brookwood

A warm welcome to Sebastian O., Brookwood's visiting Guatemalan student from the Colegio Internacional Montessori School in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Sebastian arrived October 18 and will be spending the next eight weeks as a part of the Brookwood community.  A member of the seventh grade, Sebastian follows the Grade 7 schedule and spends the majority of time with those students. However, during his visit, he will also have a consistent presence in some our younger students' classes. He will be working with Lower School students in Art and reading groups, and will spend time with the PreK students.

During his stay, Sebastian is living with a Brookwood family in Manchester but has many invitations from other families to join them for dinner, family activities, and sight-seeing around the North Shore and Boston.

Photo: Sebastian (center) with seventh grade friends at lunch.