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Katie Alexander

Kindergarten Teacher, 2016-2018 Amory Parker Chair
Education:  Washington University in St. Louis, B.A.; Teachers College, Columbia University, M.A.
ext:  6299

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Faculty Member since: 2009

Education (Elementary & High School): Shore Country Day School, Buckinham Browne and Nichols

Favorite classroom lesson to teach: 
When I first model how to write a sentence and when kindergartners begin including “high-frequency words” (I, was, me, and, you, the) into their sentences as they “stretch out” their thoughts. They beam with pride.

Beyond Brookwood: 
One of my favorite passions outside of teaching is art. I spend vacations and summers painting at Acorn Gallery in Marblehead, the town in which I grew up. Also, I recently started a Jewish Young Professionals group through my family’s temple.

On risk-taking: 
Recently, a friend asked me if I wanted to take a trapeze-flying lesson. I fully believe in the importance of modeling risk-taking for children, even though it is not something that comes very naturally to me. Sure enough, the moment I set foot on that platform and saw how far I had to reach for the trapeze bar, I began to panic. But I thought of my students and our constant asking of them to go outside their comfort zones to do things that may feel scary or uncomfortable. So I jumped for the bar, swung on the trapeze (multiple times!) and walked away feeling proud of doing something so challenging. I couldn’t wait to share the story with my students the next day.

What at Brookwood makes you a better teacher? 
The support of hard-working, creative, inspiring faculty makes me a better teacher. Brookwood is a true community. We all work together to creative an environment in which our students and families can thrive.