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Music / 8th Grade Musical

The Class of 2019 presents Enchanted...
March 5th, 6th, & 7th 6:00 PM

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Andalasia, a young maiden named Giselle lived in a cottage in the forest. Before she can marry her fairytale dashing Prince Edward, Giselle is sent tumbling down a magical well, thanks to the reigning queens, who do not want to lose their powers to a new King and Queen. - Giselle finds herself in the non-animated, extremely disenchanted world of modern-day New York City.  She meets tourists, construction workers, and other New Yorkers in Times Square. No one will help. Then, she befriends a cynical lawyer, Robert, who isn't so sure that her prince is coming to rescue her, and his 4 sweet children, who very much believe in fairytales. Giselle's spontaneous singing and fairy-tale demeanor enchant everyone around her as she waits for Prince Edward. Prince Edward does come…along with fairies, Nathaniel and Carl (who are really working for the Queen). But she's about to discover that love in the real world isn't always as easy as sharing a single True Love's Kiss - and that she'll need courage, spunk and maybe just a little enchantment if she's ever going to find her own happily-ever-after.

Brookwood will add music, fun, magical lifts, and choreography to this delightful
tale…  Please join us March 5,6,7 at 6pm for an ENCHANTED musical evening!