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Our Programs

Our Programs

Brookwood's academic program focuses on experience, inquiry, and collaboration. Our faculty are constantly evaluating their students' learning experience to ensure that they are engaged and challenged.

At Brookwood, we develop academic excellence, and we do so using the means and methodologies we know to be best suited to that end: We are "warm" and "child-centered" because it is educationally sound to be both; we are mindful of the relationships we offer and those we nurture and supervise because we know that vigilance to be an educational imperative.

We know that the mind cannot develop if the self lies unattended, and that neither will develop if both challenge and support are not equally tendered to the learner.

We know that our students will someday be required to solve problems of currently unimaginable complexity, and that their own safety and the survival of our world depend ultimately on their having not just the intellectual acuity to understand those problems, but also the skills to work with others of diverse backgrounds as they tackle them, and the "conscience, character, and compassion" required to persevere.