Math Mysteries of the Month

Every month, we present three Math Mysteries to the school community.  The Mini Math Mystery is open to students in Grade 3 and younger.  The Median Math Mystery is for students in Grade 6 and younger.  The Mega Math Mystery is for all students and adults of the Brookwood community. 

If you're ready for the challenge, click a link in the column on the right:

Submit answers in the appropriate envelope on the Math Mystery bulletin board in the Moniz Dining Room.  Winning entries must have the correct answer and a clear explanation that shows how the answer was obtained or proves the answer works.  A random winner for each level will be chosen from the correct entries, and winners will be announced in School Meeting the following month. 

Adults are strongly encouraged to enter the Mega Math Mystery.  You will not prevent a student from winning, because an adult winner will only be chosen if no student gave a correct answer that month.  However, your participation means a great deal to the community.  You inspire your children and their classmates when they see you doing math!