World Language

Our world language program is designed to create a solid listening, speaking, reading, and writing foundation for further studies at the secondary school level, and a cultural component is integral to the curriculum. Students can be found discussing and researching places where the target language is spoken, listening to French and Spanish music, or sharing recipes and food during a class period. Our program seeks to inspire curiosity concerning other cultures and places and to develop proficiency in a second language.

Brookwood students are first introduced to French, Mandarin, and Spanish in Grade One and continue their exposure to these languages and cultures in rotating fashion through Grade Two; this early exposure to a new language assists students in acquiring an authentic accent at an age when they are most receptive. These students engage in activities such as songs, games, and stories intended to develop listening and speaking skills and to simultaneously expose them to the cultures in which the respective languages are spoken.  First-hand experience and exposure to each language will ultimately help families and their children make educated decisions about their more "permanent" language choice in Grade Three when all will select a language to study for the remainder of their time at Brookwood. Then in the Middle School, students are introduced to reading and writing in the target language, and they begin to create their own sentences accompanied by illustrations to reinforce the content and ideas. The Upper School program is designed to cover material typically taught in first and second-year high school language courses.

The World Language Department is fortunate to have its own dedicated center comprised of four classrooms and an eighteen-station computer lab, complete with a Smartboard. The lab provides students with access to oral and listening activities, voice recording software, and interactive Web-based activities. Brookwood makes an effort to hire language teachers from many different backgrounds, thereby exposing students to other cultures and a range of accents, including those of native speakers.