Personal Growth and Development

The Personal Growth and Development (PGD) program, Grades Pre-K - 8, consists of scheduled time and curricular work designed with multiple goals in mind: 

  • nurture the personal growth and social competency skills of each child at Brookwood,
  • encourage the development of solid decision-making skills, an appreciation of civility and a sound ethical grounding,
  • to offer opportunities for the explicit consideration of social and moral issues in order to help each student gain an understanding of self, of others, of the relationships between and among them,
  • and to promote self-respect, self-confidence, respect for others, and empathy.

The program exists in different, developmentally appropriate “incarnations” throughout the Lower School, Middle School and Upper School.  The Buddy Program, which pairs younger students with older ones, brings grade levels together in order to practice the various skills and principles they consider throughout the year and in an effort to tighten the school community. Finally, an understanding and practice of service is a goal of both Brookwood and the PGD program, specifically.

PGD Coordinator Kent Lenci reflects, "Ultimately, the PGD program is a reminder to all of us teachers what we're really here for-- which is not only to teach a subject but to nurture a child. We want kids walking out of here with a robust understanding of themselves and an appreciation of others. We want them to have developed an ability to be introspective and to have a profound desire to understand and empathize with the 'other.' PGD is the backbone of our school-wide efforts to develop students of "conscience, character, and compassion."

PGD also includes the Advisor Program is also part of PGD, providing Upper School families with a primary contact person and students with a consistent small group in which to address the issues and objectives of the PGD program. Service opportunities, the Upper School Wellness Week, and class trips are other components of the PGD program.