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Global Education

Brookwood's first Brookwood/APAPEC exchange teacher Sarah Dawe spent two weeks in Kigali, Riwanda, this past fall at the APAPEC-IREBERO nursery through Grade 6 school.  Read about Sarah's two-week exchange on Brookwood's Global Classroom Blog.

Brookwood's recent Strategic Plan recognizes and supports teachers' ongoing commitment to educating global citizens. Global Education at the School occurs through 1) academic and social curricula, 2) local/national/global initiatives and collaborations, and 3) partnerships registered with the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) Challenge 20/20 program.

Applied across curricula and divisions, these three approaches offer varied opportunities to build cross-cultural sensitivity and communication skills in developmentally appropriate ways:

1) Academic and social curricula: At each grade level and in content areas, teaching and exploration fosters knowledge of countries and cultures and cultural competence skills and attributes.

2) Local/national/global initiatives and collaborations: Initiatives include but are not limited to collaborations, student or teacher exchanges, communication with others outside the school, involvement of experts, service learning projects, crisis response, and participation in community events.

3) NAIS Challenge 20/20 partnerships: Some of our current partnerships that "work to find solutions to global problems" are registered with NAIS’ Challenge 20/20 program. For the second year, those partnerships will be presented at the annual NAIS national conference.
Like education in other content areas, Global Education occurs along a continuum. Learning at each level moves students toward increasingly complex relationships with the wider world.