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Innovation at Brookwood

Brookwood faculty model the passion and spirit that define the innovator’s mindset.  For years, Brookwood teachers have been providing students with authentic and purposeful opportunities to deeply experience and refine the skills, understanding, and dispositions needed to solve real problems in their lives, communities, and the world. Recent groundbreaking programming is inspiring Brookwood students as well as educators and organizations beyond campus. Helping to implement Brookwood’s innovation efforts is Rich Lehrer, Director of Innovation.  

Brookwood's commitment to preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow begins in the earliest grades. Technology Specialist Dan Riles is spearheading the Lower School technology program, focusing on work that builds students' confidence and skills across a wide variety of programming environments, tools and hands-on technologies. In each grade, students master the basics both by direct instruction and by solving open-ended problems. For instance, PreK students learn how to construct and program the KIBO robot by attempting to have it travel from one place to another in the room or by having the robot tell a story through its movement and behavior. 

As students develop through the grades, so do the technologies they encounter. By third grade, students are designing robots from a collection of components and a microcontroller. In all instances, students are given the time to iterate their solutions to fully experience the design cycle. From the science and technology departments to classroom teachers across divisions, Brookwood faculty are creating innovators, encouraging students to embrace the iterative process of effectively solving real life  problems. Robotics in Grade 5 science, World Peace Games, Upper School D-Zign Girls Project, and the Upper School Harblorlight Community Partners collaboration are just some examples of Brookwood’s groundbreaking and authentic innovation work. Read about other Authentic Design Projects at Brookwood.