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Sustainability at Brookwood

A commitment to Sustainability runs deep in the Brookwood community.  Dr. Henry Oettinger serves as the school's Director of Sustainability.  Within the community, the Parents' Association organizes an active Sustainability Committee.

Each year, usually in the fall, the community holds a Sustainability Fair, which features student exhibits highlighting sustainable practices and environmental issues, as well as outside community organizations and vendors. It is a family-friendly event where kids of all ages can experience hands-on, interesting, and fun ways to help the planet.  The Fair is free and open to the public.

The Brookwood School Sustainability Mission Statement reads: Brookwood School seeks to foster a community that sustains social and ecological systems and educates for environmental awareness, productive local action, and global thinking. The School is committed to developing behaviors and attitudes that protect and enhance the environment through our teaching and learning, service, and administrative operations, and we seek to incorporate environmental principles and environmentally responsible practices as fundamental and integrated components of all Brookwood operations and programs.