PA Sponsored Events

Throughout the year, the Parents’ Association sponsors and organizes a number of social events designed to further strengthen the sense of community at Brookwood.  Ideas for new events are always welcome … please contact us!

In addition to those listed below, the PA provides invaluable support for several other school-wide events such as the New Parents’ Dinner, Book Fairs, Grandparents’ Day and the Faculty/Staff Appreciation Celebration. 

Coffee for Parents
Along with the Admissions team, the PA sponsors coffee and tea service for parents every morning in the Dining Hall.  It’s a great place to get caught up with other parents at drop off time or just to grab a cup of coffee for the road.  Also, look for “Coffee in the Courtyard” dates this fall and spring.

Grade-Specific Parent Socials
In the fall, the Class Ambassadors for each grade organize a social event just for parents.  It’s a great way to meet or to reconnect with other parents in the grade.

Brookwood on Ice
Brookwood families will enjoy a few hours of skating and refreshments at Pingree School in South Hamilton in February.