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Reflections on the TA Experience

"The Teacher Training Program at Brookwood prepared me to handle all aspects of having my own classroom - from lesson plans to parent/teacher conferences.  I am successful as a teacher because of the training I received from my directing teachers and all the faculty.  Brookwood is a wonderful, loving and supportive community that I will never forget." 
-- Cara LaMontagne, Gr. 1 Teacher, Marblehead, MA

"As a Teacher Intern at Brookwood, I gained valuable classroom experience. I worked closely with classroom teachers who willingly provided feedback and guidance on preparing and teaching lessons. The whole faculty showed a commitment to the teacher-internship-program by offering their expertise, which made my teacher-training experience a very supported and encouraging one." 
-- Lauren Haist,  Gr. 2 Teacher, Brooke Charter School, Roslindale, MA

"I was a permanent sub and intern at Brookwood School from January 2005-May 2006. The time I spent at Brookwood was one of the most memorable times of my life.  I had the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of educators and be part of a supportive and tightly knit community of interns. I learned so much from my colleagues and fellow interns every single day, and I doubt I would be where I am now without this very important experience. When I graduated from Lesley and completed my Brookwood internship I was hired to teach in a wonderful independent elementary school in Los Angeles.  Brookwood gave me a solid foundation and the confidence to be successful in the field of education, and I thank everyone who had an impact on me during my time there. I am not surprised to hear that my fellow interns have also experienced success given the quality of the Teacher Training Program at Brookwood."
-- Shannon Markel, Director of Admissions, The Washington Market School, New York City, NY

"I miss everyone and everything! Everyday I'm finding myself thinking, "What would Elizabeth/Lisa say/do?" DEFINITELY the best experience of my life thus far, and I'm forever grateful to everyone at Brookwood for being a part of it!"y
-- Mary Barclay Leskosky, Washington, D.C.

"I have to admit, I have at least 50 times in any given day where I stop and wonder how I was lucky enough to wind up in such a great spot. And I have to say, Brookwood and it's "people" (especially you!) are a HUGE reason why I can walk into a place as foreign to me as Sequoyah and instead of crumbling from stress, thriving on the possibilities and the inspiration. Only now can I *truly* and fully comprehend all that this last year has given me, not simply in terms of experience, but in terms of perspective and even a level of instinct. I would seriously be a basket case right now if it weren't for my year at Brookwood!
-- Lauren Obregon, Gr. 2 teacher, Brooke Charter School, Roslindale, MA

"The Brookwood Collaborative Program built the foundation for my success as an educator and school leader by teaching me the skills and giving me the practical experience necessary to prepare me for the challenges and rewards I have faced in my various roles over the past 15 years.  As the Principal of an elementary school, I now seek candidates who have partaken in a program similar to Brookwood’s because I am certain they have been given the opportunities to participate in all aspects of the learning process through their daily teaching and participating in rich seminar discussions and rigorous coursework.  The community of Brookwood is an ideal setting to learn these skills alongside skilled professionals who ask interns to take risks and be an active member of this engaging and enriching environment.  I have and will continue to recommend this program to those seeking a career in education as I know it is the reason for my success and for that of many others."
-- Michelle Costa  Principal Steward Elementary School, Topsfield, MA