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The Daniel P. Wise Distinguished Alumni/ae Service Award

The Daniel P. Wise Distinguished Alumni/ae Service Award, presented at Commencement, is awarded to an alumna/us whose works and convictions reflect the highest ethical standards and whose values of self-esteem, self-discipline, and respect for others are central in the pursuit of his/her goals.  Please submit your nomination to Eliza Cowan '95.

Past recipients of the award include the following Brookwood graduates:

2018: Chessye Moseley '03
Throughout her time at Brookwood, Chessye was known for her generous spirit and endless determination. A respected citizen, strong student, and gifted three-sport athlete, she graduated from Brookwood School in 2003 and went on to attend Middlesex School and then Harvard University, where she was president of the Hasty Pudding. She graduated from Harvard in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science and Government, and began her career working for Teach for America shortly thereafter. In her early years as a corps member, she was awarded a Leadership Certificate and nominated for an excellence in teaching award. Her work with Teach for America led her to assume a variety of roles across the country, including Colorado, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. In her current national position, she helps undergraduate and graduate students extend their personal leadership and service experience by becoming classroom teachers in low income communities throughout the United States.

2017: John Rufus Gifford '88
Following graduation from St. Paul’s School and from Brown University in 1996, Ambassador Gifford pursued a successful career in the entertainment industry before entering the world of politics. Rufus is now referred to as Ambassador Gifford—after having become the 60th representative of the United States to the Kingdom of Denmark in 2013. Most recently, he announced that he is running for Congress in Massachusetts’ Third District. An avid runner, cyclist, and sailor, he enjoys the outdoors and is focused on the preservation of human rights around the globe, fighting the effects of climate change, and the preservation of wildlife.

2016: Maddie Durgin '05
From her gap year service work as a volunteer at the Corazones para Peru orphanage to director of the Harvard College Summer Urban Program (SUP), Maddie has earned deserved recognition for her commitment to service. In 2014, she was nominated for the Harvard College Ames Award, which “recognizes two seniors who have shown energy in helping others and who exhibit the same heroic character and inspiring leadership as the Ames brothers.” Maddie now participates in Teach for America and teaches sixth grade social studies at the Memphis Rise Charter School and offers enrichment classes for girls at the Rise Academy.

2015: Zach Cotreau '02
A recipient of the Courtesy Cup at his Brookwood graduation, Zach attended The Governor’s Academy, and at his 2006 graduation from there, was given the Alumni Association Award, recognizing perseverance, hard work, and good spirit.  In 2010, he graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point where he mentored with Big Brothers Big Sisters throughout his four years and became President during his senior year. Zach began his military service and was deployed to Kunar, Afghanistan in November of 2012. His awards and medals include the Army Commendation Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Afghan Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon, and the NATO Medal.
2014: Emma Shorr '06
Emma's passion for service work began at a young age. From her experience working at Beverly Bootstraps, helping with initiatives such as Back to School Bonanza, to her time spent volunteering at the River House, a men's homeless shelter, Emma embodies what Brookwood teaches their students about the importance of giving to others. While in college Emma spent time working on a food justice program, where she collaboarted with incarcerated women and led workshops on food and healing. Emma believes that no matter where she ends up in the future, she will "actively be engaged in the community, and providing any resources or skills I have that the community can use." 

2013:  Stirling Auchincloss Winder '00
Stirling worked tirelessly for others who struggled with cancer.  Throughout her own eight year battle with osteosarcoma, Stirling rode in the Pan Mass Challenge three times and raised more than $40,000 for team Stirling Strong, which continues today.  More, she worked as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, and was also working toward a nurse practitioner degree at Northeastern.  Despite her illness, Stirling persevered for the betterment of others.  Jurrien Timmer, a close family friend of the Winder family, wrote that Stirling remains " inspiration to care for the people you love and for the causes that you believe in."

2011:  Gale A. Brewer '65
Serving on the New York City council, Gale’s first election in 2001 marked her beginning as a catalyst for growth and stability in the public school system. Her Council District includes the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Central Park to the Hudson River. Gale meets with fellow colleagues to negotiate the $65 billion city budget, where she represents 170,000 people from Lincoln Center, the Natural History Museum and Julliard, to 34 public schools and another 20 or more independent, parochial and day schools.

2008:  Isaiah Suggs, Jr.  '74
His commitment to promoting diversity in Admissions at Brookwood, and to guiding and supporting many families, have been the hallmarks of his years of service. His dedication to improving the lives of other Brookwood families, who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to know and experience Brookwood School, is exceptional.

2006:  Emily M. Fox '98
Her work with many orphans in Haiti and Africa, through various medical and charitable organizations including the Peace Corps, illustrates her desire to serve children and families and to promote health and well-being in communities in deepest need.

2004:  Joseph F.X. Donovan, Jr. '64
Serving an impressive 24 years on Brookwood’s Board of Trustees, his service to Brookwood “…has spanned almost the entire history of the school, and his contributions have been substantial.” A member of the first graduating class, an Eckles Cup recipient, a trustee, and past parent, Joseph Donovan “…will be known in Brookwood history as a true Brookwood institution.”

2000:  Hamilton N. "Tony" Shepley '66
His commitment to community service inspires many. Tony served as Chairman for the United Way of Cape Cod and is active, both personally and through his business, in other charitable organizations on Cape Cod. Tony writes “As an employer and a person, I hold myself to high standards, and Brookwood is largely responsible for that.”

1998:  Cynthia Sweet '90
Her work at City Year with HIV/AIDS patients at the Boston Living Center and in Costa Rica made a difference in the lives of many. Of her time spent in Costa Rica, Cynthia reflected that “Many of these people had been forgotten, and for their last few years, they wanted nothing but to be cared for … I knew I had made a small difference, and my one hour a day in their lives, when literally nobody cared, made them happy in their last days.”

1997:  George Hatch '72
His work as a journalist has helped to broaden and improve our country’s understanding of developments in Latin American countries. His mission to educate others about people in Latin America is paramount to him professionally and personally.

1996:  Edward P. Herter '69
His work and dedication as a teacher for over twenty years has inspired hundreds of students. Ned writes “…caring for your students is the key to teaching—you care by being patient, seeing things clearly, being willing to listen, providing a shoulder to lean on, and being someone to laugh with.”

1995:  Elizabeth Gibbons '67
Her career in social development and humanitarian affairs has spanned close to 25 years, during which she has lived and worked in Togo, Kenya, and Zimbabwe, and served as head of UNICEF’s offices in Haiti and in Guatemala. Her efforts provide tremendous help and hope for children around the world.