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Brookwood Fund

Annual giving is the cornerstone of Brookwood’s fundraising activities. The Brookwood Fund affects every aspect of daily life at the school. It strengthens our academic program; it ensures that deserving students who would otherwise not be able to afford a Brookwood education can attend school here; and it supports our faculty and staff. Voluntary contributions to the Brookwood Fund are vital to the continuous operation of the school each year as tuition covers only 80% of Brookwood’s expenses. 

When you give to Brookwood, you help provide the exceptional education and close community that has always made the school special. And you help us accomplish our most important goal: inspiring a passion for learning and a deeper sense of purpose in our students.

Your gift supports the people and programs that make Brookwood School so special. This means talented teachers, teaching tools, technology innovations and exceptional offerings in everything from arts to athletics.

In a small community like Brookwood, every gift counts, including yours.  Make your gift online today!

We work hard and we are committed to creating quality experiences for our students in every division, every day.  We are a community that comes together to support one another and celebrate our successes.  Giving every year to the Brookwood Fund is one way to do just that. Your donations impact the school in real and tangible ways and our children are the ultimate beneficiaries. Thank you!” Laura Caron, P '22, '24, Head of School