Alumni February Challenge

February is Brookwood’s fundraising challenge to increase alumni support to Brookwood’s annual giving program, the Brookwood Fund. Gifts to the Brookwood Fund ensure a strong school community for future generations of inspired students. Every gift, no matter the size, truly counts.

CALLING ALL GOLD GRADUATES (graduates of the last decade): 2008-2017!  
Your participation in the Brookwood Fund casts a vote for your class to win bragging rights for “Best Play.” The best play goes to... make your gift in honor of your class and vote today!

Class of 2017: 6% Participation HARRY POTTER
Class of 2016: 9% Participation BACK TO THE FUTURE
Class of 2015: 7% Participation THE WICKED WIZZARD OF OZ
Class of 2014: 7% Participation DESPICABLE ME
Class of 2013: 9% Participation ENCHANTED THE MUSICAL
Class of 2012: 10% Participation ALADDIN
Class of 2011: 8% Participation FINDING NEMO
Class of 2010: 2% Participation HOLES THE MUSICAL
Class of 2009: 4% Participation THE LION KING
Class of 2008: 7% Participation CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

Gifts of all sizes are meaningful to Brookwood and its students, and participation is a key value in the community. To date, an impressive 78% of Brookwood's current parents, 100% of faculty and staff and 100% of the Board of Trustees have made a gift to this year’s 2017-2018 annual fund.  Alumni, if you haven’t made your gift, we would love to count on you as we work to surpass last year’s 12% alumni participation.

As a graduate of Brookwood School, you join hundreds of proud alumni whose lifelong love of learning was sparked while a student at Brookwood. Our goal is to perpetuate and enhance relationships among graduates, build school pride and spirit, and to support Brookwood for future generations of students.

You have the power to strengthen Brookwood - by giving back. With every contribution you’re advancing and inspiring future leaders. In short, you are essential to our future.

Gifts at the following levels recognize alumni who have graduated in the past 10 years and give at the following levels:
Egret: $100 - $1,499
Cupola Club: $15 - $99

Our alumni donors are amazing, generous people who are sharing the benefits of their Brookwood experience with the coming generations.