Brookwood Fund FAQs

What is the Brookwood Fund? Why do we need the Brookwood Fund?

The Brookwood Fund is a yearly fundraising campaign, providing unrestricted dollars to the school’s current operating budget. Tuition and fees cover only a percentage of the operating budget. Therefore, the Brookwood Fund is vital to helping make up the difference - the difference being more opportunities and stronger programs for our students and faculty.  Every contribution to the Brookwood Fund is important and allows Brookwood to be the school that it is today.

Why not raise tuition?

Minimizing the annual increase in tuition makes Brookwood School more accessible to a wider population. A successful Brookwood Fund is one way for Brookwood to support a student body that is diverse and multi-talented.

Who supports the Brookwood Fund?

The Brookwood Fund is a community wide effort and broad participation makes the fund a success. Every member of the Brookwood community— current parents, trustees, alumni, past parents, grandparents and friends— is asked to give generously. This past year Brookwood employees and the Board of Trustees both achieved 100% participation rate of giving. We hope that every member of the community will make Brookwood a philanthropic priority.

Why is a high rate of current parent participation important?

High participation rates among members of the Brookwood community are a vote of confidence, a sign that our parents and others invest in our students' future and support the school’s mission. A high current parent participation rate is a true testament to this close-knit community that Brookwood is proud of.  Every gift. Every family. Every person can have an impact, every family counts.

Why does Brookwood need to raise these funds on an annual basis?

Brookwood, as with all independent schools, needs to raise these funds on an annual basis to ensure the School’s ability to bridge the gap between tuition and expenses each year so we can continuously grow, prosper, and remain financially stable. 

How is the Brookwood Fund different from capital giving and endowment?

The Brookwood Fund supports expenses in the School’s annual operating budget acting like a checking account. Capital giving supports construction projects and special programs. And the endowment is more along the lines of a savings account for which Brookwood draws against a percentage of interest income for important needs such as financial aid. 

How are Brookwood Fund dollars spent? Can I designate how my gift is used?

Brookwood Fund dollars are unrestricted and will be used where needs and priorities are greatest. It should be noted that the Brookwood Fund supplements the general operating budget; it does not fund “extra” items. The School’s budget funds everything from faculty salaries and student financial aid to classroom materials, extracurricular supplies and facility operations. Gifts designated to a specific purpose not included in the regular operating budget are considered “restricted” and must be approved by the administration.

How much should I give?

Only you and your family can decide how much to give. From year to year, you may vary your support based on current circumstances. It is our goal to have everyone participate each year at a level at which they feel comfortable. Every gift at every level counts.

Why should I consider increasing my donation to the Brookwood Fund from the previous year?

Because the cost of living increases each year with inflation, the Brookwood Fund must also increase.  If your gift remains the same annually, its impact diminishes as the cost of a Brookwood education increases with the rate of inflation.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

All gifts are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt for your gift. All gifts received by June 30 will be credited towards this Brookwood Fund’s fiscal year.