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Suzy Light

Grade 2 Teacher
Education:  Bucknell University, B.S.; Lesley Collge, M.Ed.
ext:  6296

Education (elementary & high school)
Peck School, Morristown-Beard School

Where did you grow up?
I grew up on beautiful Lake Valhalla in Montville, NJ

Other roles at Brookwood
The 2015-16 IDEA coordinator
Faculty member since 1999
Why do you teach your respective age group? 
Teachers have the BEST job, especially second grade teachers. We get to spend our day with kids who are positive, full of energy, curious and caring.  What could be better?  I love watching the big leap children make in second grade.  They enter with so many skills and they're ready to soar.  It's exciting to see the difference between September to June.
What is your favorite classroom lesson to teach? 
From informational books to fairy tales, I really enjoy teaching writing. We pour over mentor texts to take note of the writing strategies that published authors use.  It's awesome to watch second graders have the flexibility to cross out and revise their own writing to make it better.  My favorite is watching peer editors read their work to each other.  They listen and laugh with each other, offering suggestions and complimenting what they enjoyed.
Is there something at Brookwood that makes you a better teacher? 
All of the incredible teachers in the Lower School make me a better teacher.  We ask questions, compliment each other, share ideas, learn from each other and someone is always ready to help out.  I love collaborating with this creative group.  It makes me a more interesting and thoughtful teacher.
Do you have a special memory from elementary school? 
In elementary school, my favorite memories come most from second and fourth grades.  I've realized that these two teachers were the most dynamic and "hands-on" teachers that I had, encouraging me to get out of my seat, play, try things out and problem-solve with a friend.  They made learning both project-based and collaborative.
Thoughts on taking a risk 
As a parent to my two children as well as a teacher, I see everyday what a phenomenal job Brookwood does at supporting children and adults to take risks.  Taking a risk involves trying new things, challenging yourself, seeing what you're capable of, and making mistakes -- all of these things are invaluable.
Favorite children’s book 
I have MANY favorite children's books, and one of them is Roxaboxen by Barbara Cooney.  It is about an imaginary town created by a neighborhood of children.  They make everything they need, teach each other, play and problem-solve together.  Second graders and I read this book together each year and try to create an imaginative, resourceful and caring community as well.
What do you like about Brookwood that differs from other schools?
I have been a part of many different elementary schools and our School Meeting sets Brookwood apart from others.  We value all types of expression.  We value taking the time to come together.  We value bringing 4-year-olds and 14-year-olds together in a shared experience.  We value taking a risk, and there is no failure in School Meeting because you tried.  We value cheering each other on.  I believe our Meetings together strengthen the small interactions that occur daily in the hallways between our youngest and oldest students. 

Second graders welcome their newest Teaching Apprentice