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Tech-Know Faire

Thanks to our enthusiastic community Brookwood's first-ever Tech-Know Faire: Designing for Purpose, held on Saturday, November 5, was a great success!

“We shared a crisp autumn day with about 400 members of the community - playing, learning, building, creating - I was thrilled with both the turnout of families and the level of engagement," says Faculty Chairperson Dr. Henry Oettinger. "Our theme of 'designing for purpose' could be seen throughout the fair, from woodworking to making paint, from 3D printing to LED flashlights to robots and Rwandan dolls. We all look forward to continuing the fair into next year!”

The nearly 10 activity stations had kids busy all morning. Whether it was examining microbes and growing bacteria, creating LED flashlights (more than 185 LED flashlight kits were handed out) or learning about 3-D printing, hands-on discovery, making and tinkering was in action. For example, more than 150 canvases were used for the painting project, in which kids used chemistry to make their own paint. The Maker Construction Booth and Young Inventor Project Space were also bustling throughout the day with the youngest makers hard at work.

Thank you to Chef Chris for the delicious soup and snacks that fueled the innovation taking place, to the many parents volunteers whose contribution of time made the event such a success, and faculty members who sparked the fun by sharing their knowledge. A special thank you goes to the parent committee and Dr. Oettinger who put in countless hours of brainstorming and organizating to bring the event to life.