Reflecting on freshman and sophomore year experiences in high school, young alumni spoke to a common theme of ‘finding balance’ at this morning’s Alumni Panel: Life in High School. From classes, study halls, and exams to relationships with friends (both old and new), jobs, and extracurricular activities, recent Brookwood graduates shared insights with the Class of 2018 as they, themselves, are about to embark on the transition from eighth to ninth grade.

“Family relationships evolve,” one recent alumna reflected, “as you want to remain close to your parents while also having some freedom to fly away.” And a piece of advice: freshman year is a good time to try something new. Thank you to Brookwood alumni Emily Baumoel ’16, Lily Castraberti ’16, Abby Dawson ’17, Olivia Dumont ’17, Alex Haas ’17, James McKenna ’17, Carly Pearlson ’17, Cameron Robie ’17, Elle Schneider ’17, Cooper Shugrue ’17, and Stan Szwartz ’17 for participating in our panel discussion this morning. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces on campus!

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