The Daniel P. Wise Distinguished Alumni Service Award

The Daniel P. Wise Distinguished Alumni/ae Service Award, presented at Commencement, is awarded to an alumna/us whose works and convictions reflect the highest ethical standards and whose values of self-esteem, self-discipline, and respect for others are central in the pursuit of his/her goals.

To nominate an alumna/us, email Cathy Marrero with his/her name and a brief description of accomplishments and accolades.

Recipients of the award include:

2019: Nanda Chitre ’77

Nanda is passionate about global health and promoting democracy worldwide, and has used her strategic communication skills to further these causes over the past twenty years. She worked on both President Clinton’s and Obama’s Presidential races. And following Obama’s historic election, she served as the Acting Director of Public Affairs at the U.S. Department of Justice. In the non-profit sector, Ms. Chitre worked at the Center for American Progress on the Enough Project: an initiative to end genocide and crimes against humanity. She has provided strategic communications planning advice to emerging democracies in Eastern Europe and Southern and East Africa. Most recently, Ms. Chitre designed and taught government communications courses at Tufts University.

2018: Chessye Moseley ’03

Throughout her time at Brookwood, Chessye was known for her generous spirit and endless determination. A respected citizen, strong student, and gifted three-sport athlete, she graduated from Brookwood School in 2003 and went on to attend Middlesex School and then Harvard University, where she was president of the Hasty Pudding. She graduated from Harvard in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science and Government, and began her career working for Teach for America shortly thereafter. In her early years as a corps member, she was awarded a Leadership Certificate and nominated for an excellence in teaching award. Her work with Teach for America led her to assume a variety of roles across the country, including Colorado, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. In her current national position, she helps undergraduate and graduate students extend their personal leadership and service experience by becoming classroom teachers in low income communities throughout the United States.

2017: John Rufus Gifford ’88

Following graduation from St. Paul’s School and from Brown University in 1996, Ambassador Gifford pursued a successful career in the entertainment industry before entering the world of politics. Rufus is now referred to as Ambassador Gifford—after having become the 60th representative of the United States to the Kingdom of Denmark in 2013. Most recently, he announced that he is running for Congress in Massachusetts’ Third District. An avid runner, cyclist, and sailor, he enjoys the outdoors and is focused on the preservation of human rights around the globe, fighting the effects of climate change, and the preservation of wildlife.

2016: Maddie Durgin ’05

From her gap year service work as a volunteer at the Corazones para Peru orphanage to director of the Harvard College Summer Urban Program (SUP), Maddie has earned deserved recognition for her commitment to service. In 2014, she was nominated for the Harvard College Ames Award, which “recognizes two seniors who have shown energy in helping others and who exhibit the same heroic character and inspiring leadership as the Ames brothers.” Maddie now participates in Teach for America and teaches sixth grade social studies at the Memphis Rise Charter School and offers enrichment classes for girls at the Rise Academy.

2015: Zach Cotreau ’02
2014: Emma Shorr ’06
2013: Stirling Auchincloss Winder ’00
2011: Gale A. Brewer ’65
2008: Isaiah Suggs, Jr. ’74
2006: Emily M. Fox ’98
2004: Joseph F.X. Donovan, Jr. ’64
2000: Hamilton N. “Tony” Shepley ’66
1998: Cynthia Sweet ’90
1997: George Hatch ’72
1996: Edward P. Herter ’69
1995: Elizabeth Gibbons ’67

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