On Monday, June 11, Brookwood School honored alumna Chessye Moseley ’03 as the recipient of the 2018 Daniel P. Wise Distinguished Alumni Service Award. Presented annually at Commencement, the award is bestowed upon an alumnus whose works and convictions reflect the highest ethical standards and whose values of self-esteem, self-discipline, and respect for others are central to the pursuit of his or her goals.

Throughout her time at Brookwood – from Kindergarten through eighth grade – Chessye was known for her generous spirit and endless determination. A respected citizen, strong student, and gifted three-sport athlete, she graduated from Brookwood School in 2003 and went on to attend Middlesex School and then Harvard University, where she was president of the Hasty Pudding. She graduated from Harvard in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science and Government, and began her career working for Teach for America shortly thereafter.

In her early years as a corps member, she was awarded a Leadership Certificate and nominated for an excellence in teaching award. Her work with Teach for America led her to assume a variety of roles across the country, including Colorado, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. In her current national position, she helps undergraduate and graduate students extend their personal leadership and service experience by becoming classroom teachers in low income communities throughout the United States.

In her remarks at Commencement, Chessye shared, “When I think about what brought me to where I am now, it is this school. It’s here – in the classrooms of Mrs. Ames, Mrs. Schmidt, Mr. Falconer, and many others – that I learned to think critically, but more importantly, I felt valued, I felt safe to take risks, and I felt ready to pursue whatever the future had to hold. Brookwood laid the foundation and gave me every opportunity to fulfill my potential. This community left me feeling empowered and showed me what an excellent education truly meant.”

Chessye has selflessly dedicated her career to ensuring that every child in our country has access to a quality education that leads to a life of choice and opportunity. Reflecting on her experience at Brookwood, she noted that it “set me up to thrive at Middlesex, and later on at Harvard, where, during my freshman year, I realized that my educational experience was very much the exception and not the norm. I joined a mentorship program working in Boston Public Schools. I remember meeting with my mentee and realizing that not every kid had teachers like the ones at Brookwood, not everyone felt empowered, and shockingly, not everyone felt like they had potential. It was because of that stark difference that I chose to pursue a career in education. I was setting out to do my part in ensuring that every kid, not just some kids, had an education like I’ve had.” 

She continued, “At Brookwood, my teachers believed in me and my potential, they taught me to fight for what matters, and they taught me the importance of community and of empowering others. Looking back, Brookwood was the best gift I could have received.”

Chessye’s work and conviction clearly “reflects the highest ethical standards and respect for others” – as stated in our Daniel P. Wise Distinguished Alumni Service Award – and on behalf of the Brookwood community, we are eager to follow Chessye’s journey as she continues to impact the lives of others with her passion and advocacy for education.