The first days of school are some of my favorite—full of possibility, energy, excitement (and some nerves)! This week, we welcomed new students and parents on campus and said goodbye to the seventh grade as they headed to Camp Caribou for their team building retreat. We practiced what to do for a fire drill, sang our school song, bonded within advisory groups, learned the snack routine, and navigated Google classrooms. Through it all, we established important foundations for each of our classroom communities. We are certainly ready for our first full week of school on Monday!

We invite you to view a gallery of photos from the first day of school here. We’ve also compiled a not-to-miss highlight video that captures the excitement and joy we’ve been feeling this week:

At School Meeting, we introduced this year’s One School, One Book, Say Something!. The book encourages readers to share their voices with courage and conviction through both words and actions. I asked students what courage meant to them:

In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant, “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” Say Something! inspires our school community to build upon our legacy of developing authentic relationships by speaking from the heart and cultivating courage, in ways both big and small, that will ripple through our campus and beyond.

Welcome back to school!