Intergenerational Programming

In 2016, students began a project with a unique goal: to collaborate with a group of residents from a local senior housing facility to find problems in their lives and then work to solve them using 3D printing to create assistive device solutions with, and for, them. In the years since, students have continued to seek to honor the deep, cross generational relationships and friendships that were formed during this project by undertaking a variety of projects centering around older adult lives and experiences.


In order to help their older adult friends live more comfortable lives, students have created:

  • Something to help turn a key
  • Device to help hold a dish while being washed
  • Something to help with low/difficult to access switches (fireplaces, etc)
  • Something to help someone grip things
  • Water bottle opener
  • Device to attach to a walker to attach or hold bags
  • Holder for circular puzzle
  • Bigger faucet handle
  • Cover for push pins
  • Calendar date slider