Brookwood’s campus will be closed through the remainder of this school year in order to prevent any possible spread of COVID-19. Click here to view more information.

Head of School Search

With the uncertainty of COVID – 19, there has been no substantial impact to the search for the next Head of School to date. The search process remains nimble and on track with the forecasted timeline. We have had a good initial response to the posting and outreach with some strong potential candidates. The various shut-downs won’t impact this phase of developing the applicant pool.  We’ve begun substantive conversations with candidates and anticipate those continuing through the coming month during this “quiet phase” of the process. The unknown is how long all of this will last, of course. The search committee will provide updates as the process continues to unfold.
Please reach out to Jenny and Gavin at with any questions.


With community input, the search committee has worked with the consultants to develop a position profile for Brookwood’s next Head of School.

During this next “quiet” phase in the search process, Carney will begin to build the pool of candidates by listing the position with appropriate agencies and associations, contacting selected educational leaders to solicit recommendations for the position, and reaching out to potential candidates with whom they and their colleagues are familiar. Carney Sandoe’s strength in this area is a result of the volume of searches they conduct annually and their ability to tap into a strong database and network. Resumes will be screened and the search committee will meet with top prospective candidates to educate them further about our school, its strengths and areas of opportunity, and the specific traits, characteristics, experience, and credentials we are seeking in our next Head of School. We look forward to updating you along the way.



Please submit questions related to our Head of School search process to Jenny Perkin or Gavin McGrath at To nominate yourself or someone for the position, or offer contacts who may surface viable contacts, please email Carney Sandoe & Associates at or


Sept. 24, 2019: Laura Caron shares that she will be leaving at the end of the academic year

Oct. 11, 2019: A search committee comprised of current and former Board of Trustees members, faculty, parents, and parents of alumni is formed

Nov. 12, 2019: Search Committee selects Carney Sandoe & Associates to partner within the search process, announcement is shared with the community

Jan. 28 – Feb. 14, 2020: A community-wide survey is conducted and interviews with constituent group representatives are held to inform the head of school position description

Mar. 6: Head of School position is posted

Spring/Summer 2020: Search partner receives applications, develops the pool of candidates, and reviews candidate credentials

Fall 2020: Semifinalist candidates are interviewed by the search committee and finalists for the position are selected

Fall 2020: Finalist candidates visit Brookwood for search committee and administrator interviews and community forums, with feedback collected

Fall 2020: The Board of Trustees votes to approve the hire of the next Head of School following a search committee recommendation

January 2021: Finalist is officially announced to the community as Brookwood’s seventh head of school, effective July 1, 2021