Brookwood enjoys a strong reputation among secondary schools largely due to the successes our graduates experience after they leave. As the Director of Secondary School Guidance, I’m often regaled with stories of achievement in athletics, the arts and academics when I visit schools and meet with secondary school admissions directors. Known for their leadership, risk taking, and effective collaboration, Brookwood graduates are highly sought after because of the positive and valuable contributions they bring to their new school communities. For many years, Brookwood families focused the vast majority of their attention on schools within a fifty-mile radius. While these schools continue to be the primary targets for graduates, our Office of Secondary School Guidance has worked over the past two years to expand Brookwood’s horizons and lead families to consider schools outside of our own backyards.

The result of these efforts has led the Class of 2019 to enroll in the most diverse group of schools in Brookwood’s history.  While graduates continue to enroll at local, familiar institutions such as Pingree, the Governor’s Academy, and Middlesex, this year’s class will also be traveling further. For the first time in Brookwood’s history two students applied to the Cate School in California which is one of the most prestigious boarding schools on the West Coast, and they were both accepted with one enrolling. A student will also enroll at the highly sought-after St. Andrew’s School in Delaware for the first time in our history. But it isn’t necessary to look quite so far to appreciate the incredible variety of prestigious schools to which this class will enroll. In Connecticut, Brookwood will enroll three girls at Miss Porter’s School for the first time in nine years, one student at Loomis Chaffee for the first time in nearly a decade, and another student at Pomfret for the first time in over a decade. Additionally, the Class of 2019 applied to several new schools where they gained acceptance yet chose to enroll elsewhere. This impressive list includes schools such as St. Timothy’s in Maryland, Boston University Academy, and Westminster School in Connecticut.  Most impressive is that every student who applied to the schools noted above was accepted.

The incredible success this class experienced at these schools speaks volumes about Brookwood’s national reputation and the desirability of its graduates. Each of these schools hopes to enroll a Brookwood graduate in an effort to open a new pipeline that will hopefully lead to future applications. Equally significant is the incredible volume of financial aid these schools offered Brookwood graduates in an effort to entice them to enroll. Expanding the list of schools to which graduates apply helps spread the great work being done by our students, and it opens up new opportunities and possibilities for everyone in the present and future. More schools leads to a greater breadth of options, opportunities for financial aid, and increased acceptances, and the hope is that future graduates will continue to benefit from the pursuit of new horizons on the secondary school front.

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