Soon after school began in the fall, Sheila Geraty, our most amazing librarian, mentioned that Corduroy was written by Don Freeman in 1968 – fifty years ago! I kept this information in the back of my head throughout the year. Don Freeman’s message in this beloved children’s book was one of hope, friendship, and loving in spite of imperfection. These themes have been mirrored throughout our year in PreK, and therefore Corduroy was a perfect choice for this year’s play.

For me, this play has been “successful.” The children have learned to work together and support each other in a very unique way. They celebrate daily, not just for their own accomplishments, but for their classmates as well. They have shown each other what Don Freeman had written about in Corduroy: they have loved my son’s very old Corduroy bear, without noticing its imperfections. The children reminded me, and each other, of the need to help each other out. Our young thespians succeeded, even before they set foot on the stage.

Yesterday’s production was made possible by the thoughtful work of many people who put time, care, creativity and effort into making this a success, and most importantly, a fun and rich learning experience for our students! I’d like to send a special “thank you” to the PreK families, Ms. Bennett, Ms. Journey, Ms. Edwards, Mr. Luman, Ms. Bennett, Mr. Wilfahrt, and Tiffany Wilson.

And in closing, here are a few thoughts from our PreK students:

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