Application Process

Those interested in the Teacher Residence Program must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Prior experience working with children is not a requirement; candidates for the program should be eager and enthusiastic learners who enjoy working as part of a team.

Candidates for the program must complete a Lesley University application, including two letters of reference, transcripts from any undergraduate schools attended and a written personal statement. Proof of having registered for the Communication and Literacy MTEL tests must also be provided. This material should be mailed to Brookwood School.

Upon review by Brookwood School, accepted candidates will have their applications forwarded to Lesley University for consideration. However, an application is not considered complete by Lesley University until the Communication and Literacy MTEL tests have been taken.

Step-by-step directions:

  • Contact the Director of the Teacher Training Program, Pam Hawes, either by email or phone (978) 526-4500 ext. 6345.
  • Set up an interview and send a copy of your resume.
  • Visit campus for your interview and spend the day observing class and meeting TAs.
  • Complete the Lesley Application (including necessary references and transcripts) and submit to Brookwood School. Register for the Communication and Literacy MTEL tests.
  • After consideration by Brookwood School, completed and accepted applications will be forwarded to Lesley University for final approval. For an application to be considered complete both Communication and Literacy tests must be taken.

As a TA at Brookwood, I gained valuable classroom experience. I worked closely with teachers who willingly provided feedback and guidance on preparing and teaching lessons. The whole faculty showed a commitment to the program by offering their expertise, which made my experience a very supported and encouraging one.”Lauren Haist, Grade 2 Teacher, Brooke Charter School, Roslindale, MA