Course Sequences

One year at the Brookwood School-Lesley University Teacher Residence Program will change the course of your life. And you will change the lives of countless children to come!

  • SPEND 5 days a week working and teaching in a classroom with a dedicated mentor teacher
  • ATTEND weekly meetings and gain feedback from the Program Director
  • ENJOY reduced travel: the majority of courses are held on Brookwood’s campus during the academic year
  • BENEFIT from an extensive alumni network, job search training and support

Note: Summer courses are taken at the Lesley University campus. The majority of remaining courses are taken at Brookwood School.

Early Childhood Education Course Sequence


EEDUC 5131 Developmental Learning in Cultural Contexts 3 cr
EEDUC 5137 Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years 3 cr
ESPED 5037 Strategies for Inclusive Schooling 3 cr
EEDUC 5115 Families, Society and Schools 3 cr


EEDUC 5139
EEDUC 5130 52 Early Childhood STEAM and Health 3 cr
EEDUC 5138 52 Language, Literacy and the Arts for the Primary Grades (Prerequisite: 5137) 3 cr
EEDUC 5139 Learning Mathematics in Early Childhood 3 cr
EEDUC 6058 Anti-Bias Communities in Early Childhood (Prerequisite: 5131) 3 cr


EECLD 6115 Sheltered English Instruction (Prek-6) 4 cr
EARED 6116 52 Early Childhood Arts, History, and Social Science 3 cr
EEDUC 6109 52 Observation, Documentation, and Assessment 3 cr
EEDUC 7727 52 Practicum and Seminar in Early Childhood Education (PreK – 2)* 6 cr

Elementary Education Course Sequence


EARED 6003 An Arts Approach to Multicultural Education 3 cr
EEDUC 5400 Literacy and Literature: Methods and Materials (Co-requisite: EDIAG 5100) 3 cr
EEDUC 5102 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics (Co-requisite: EDIAG 5000) 3 cr
EMATH 6108 Constructing Mathematical Understanding for Number Theory (Online, Term 2) 3 cr


EEDUC 6173 52 Literacy in the Disciplines 3 cr
EEDUC 5135 52 STEM in the Elementary School: Thinking with Evidence 3 cr
EEDUC 6635 52 Connecting Theory to Practice: School-Based Pre-Practicum 3 cr


ESPED 5037 Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom 3 cr


EECLD 6115 Sheltered English Instruction (Prek-6) 4 cr
EEDUC 5136 52 Integrating Social Studies into the Elementary Classroom 3 cr
EEDUC 6310 52 Designing a New Context for Learning 3 cr
EEDUC 7733 52 Practicum and Seminar in Elementary Education (1-6)* 6 cr