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Sarah Dawe

First Grade Teacher and PK-4 Changemaking Coordinator

Sarah's Bio

Favorite lesson to teach: I love any lessons that honor choice and creativity. A recent favorite has been constructing the layers of the Earth out of recycled materials. The kids found ways to transform holiday wreaths, ping-pong balls, dartboards and much more into the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. I also love making topographical salt dough maps of the continents. One year in Social Studies we will be making Moroccan mosaics and simulating the leather tanneries and the next we will be researching silk worms and celebrating the Vietnamese lantern festival. I remember transforming my desk into a castle when I was 8 and mummifying my classmate in a casket while we studied Egypt. Part of the excitement is discovering what will come next!

What do you like about Brookwood that differs from other schools? I love how balanced Brookwood students are. Kids are encouraged to be artists, performers, musicians, athletes, writers, scientists and global citizens. They don’t have to choose which path they want to follow, but are guided to try a little bit of everything.

What at Brookwood makes you a better teacher? The support for professional development is amazing. Last fall I attended a weekend creativity workshop that included Disney masterminds, Jim Henson puppeteers, and Lego designers.

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