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Evan Diamond

Director of Secondary School Process and Upper School Teacher and Advisor

Evan's Bio

Favorite lesson to teach: I love teaching American History, and the Civil War is my favorite era to teach. The War and the events that led up to it were the ultimate test of the Constitution and foundational principles of this country. It’s also a very compelling time period with regards to the culture of America, leadership, and the conflicts borne of disparate regions and economies of the nation. It’s just really cool stuff.

Beyond Brookwood: Food enthusiast and backpacker. After high school, I began working in restaurants, which allowed me to branch out and experiment with all types of cooking. My wife also has a culinary degree so the two of us are a force in the kitchen. Having grown up in New York City, I was also born with an adventurous palate. But it was always clear to me that something in the city wasn’t right for me. As an adult, I backpacked all over the US. I have done long trips in just about every major mountain range in the country, but my favorite is the Sierra Nevada. I love the long wide-open nature of the country.

On risk-taking: Not fearing failure is one of my favorite aspects of Brookwood. When failure is defanged, students find themselves open to new and challenging experiences that often turn them on to their future vocations and interests. I believe that Brookwood students graduate more open to challenge and less risk-averse than students in any of the other schools in which I’ve taught.

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