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Elise Koretz

Fourth Grade Teacher

Elise's Bio

Why do you teach your respective age group?
I love spending the day with children. Their energy and enthusiasm makes every day unique and interesting. I particularly love second graders because they have already mastered some basic skills and I get to help them go deeper with those skills. I love the moments when they have breakthrough moments and they begin to understand a concept that previously eluded them. They think about the world in such interesting, creative ways and I learn just as much from them (if not more!)

What is your favorite classroom lesson to teach?
My favorite is our Cultural Heritage and Identity Unit. I love all of the lessons in the unit and the conversations it facilitates at home between students, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. It is so exciting when the student makes a discovery about an ancestor or his/her heritage and has a clearer sense of his/her roots. During this unit, we’ll be sitting at lunch and the kids animatedly talk about their ancestral countries, getting so excited when they find other kids whose ancestors came from those same places. I also love our weekly grade level “chicken meeting” and the earnestness with which kids approach our chicken conversations. They really take their responsibilities as the chicken caretakers of the school quite seriously.

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