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Vocabulary in the Lower School has recently expanded to include words such as barbaloots, thneeds, gricklegrass, snergelly, snuvv and gruvvulous glove! Our annual spring production of the K/1 musical celebrates student ownership as children make decisions, collaborate and take on leadership responsibilities. Students have a voice in choosing their roles, selecting their costume colors and prepping the scenery. Last night, “The Lorax” premiered to a captive audience, followed by an encore performance at today’s School Meeting.

In the weeks leading up to the K/1 musical, first grade students wrapped colorful bands around truffula tree trunks, painted a big wooden sign of Thneedville, constructed textured tissue paper invites and drew pictures of the Onceler’s lerkim, Swomee swans and other Seuss created inspirations for the program art. Catchy songs with adapted lyrics, such as “Under the Trees” and “Paved Paradise” echoed throughout first grade classrooms as children worked and played. Children memorized their lines and many of their friends’ as well!  As students prepared to perform in front of an audience, they worked on expression, volume and pace. Kindergartners built the Onceler’s factory out of cardboard boxes, dryer tubes and other found recycled materials. They also used their fifth grade buddies as “acting coaches” to help them practice enunciating, speaking slowly, and delivering their lines dramatically with expression and hand motions. 

Congratulations to all of our performers!









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