Tickets for the 8th grade musical “The Greatest Show” are available for purchase! Tickets are $12 each.

Eighth graders expand and deepen their mastery of music and performing arts concepts in their final year at Brookwood. The 8th Grade Play is a culminating experience for our oldest students, and remains a treasured Brookwood tradition.

Throughout their course of study in music class, students seek to understand the role drama has played in human history, use basic stage terms, examine the different components that make up a musical, and coordinate accurate singing, dancing and acting. Students are given choice to become involved in several parts of the play process: assistant directing, sound/lighting, costumes, set work, photography, sneak peek video, stage crew, and prop management. All these jobs play a crucial role in making the 8th Grade Play happen in March.

Please note that we’ve moved to a new ticketing platform, Eventbrite. Here are a few helpful tips for navigating the site:

  1. Select the event date (March 3, 4 or 5).
  2. Indicate number of tickets and click “get tickets.” 
  3. Eventbrite will automatically choose what they consider to be “best available.”
  4. To edit the location of your seat(s), click “edit tickets.”
  5. Zoom out using the “minus” button and/or drag the screen from side to side to see the full chart of available seats.
  6. Once you’ve selected new seats, be sure to review your cart and DELETE the previously auto-selected seats before checking out.

If you have any questions or need assistance purchasing tickets, please email Associate Director of Advancement Rachael Singmaster or call her directly at (978) 525-6224.