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At Brookwood, kids come first—not the test, not trophies, not to-do lists. We know how kids learn best. Every day, we use our expertise to challenge kids intellectually and ensure they feel valued so that they can grow into their best selves. Because when kids skip down hallways, learn with curiosity, think deeply, and take risks, they confidently walk into whatever’s next.

Brookwood Buzz

In our most recent issue of Brookwood Magazine, we caught up with Dinah Minot Hubley, a Brookwood alumnus from the Class of 1972 (pictured above in Portland, Maine with her husband, Whip Hubley, and children Molly, Ella and Ben). Dinah is the Executive Director of Creative Portland, the city’s official non-profit arts agency that... Read more »
On Thursday, November 29, we were honored to host Newbery award-winning author Matt de la Peña at Brookwood School. Matt spoke to students about his path to becoming a writer and shared anecdotes from his childhood, like the fact that he was a reluctant reader and had little exposure to books in his early years.
A few years ago, Brookwood fourth- and fifth-grade teachers introduced 90 Middle School students to “design thinking and project-based learning” through a hands-on boatbuilding project. The making of the M.S.S. Brookwood, a MacIntosh canvas boat, is featured in the most recent issue of Small Boats Monthly magazine: "The hands-on project gave... Read more »
Makerspaces: curiosity-charged zones filled with tools, computers and digital fabrication devices such as 3D printers and laser cutters that harness students’ imaginations and encourage problem solving through a collaborative, hands-on process of designing, experimenting and building. They’re increasingly popular in education today and appear... Read more »
In our most recent issue of Brookwood Magazine, we caught up with Mallory Houston Nieman, a Brookwood alumnus from the Class of 1999 (pictured above, front row second from left, with field hockey teammates and Coach Wellington in 1999). Mallory is the Founder and CEO of Velocity, Switzerland’s first dedicated indoor cycling studio.... Read more »
Excellence at Brookwood stems from our educational approach to developing kids' cognitive, social emotional and physical skills—supported by research to be the best way for kids to think deeply, learn always and thrive. Kids spend a majority of their waking hours at school, so when their educators—teachers, mentors and role models—support and... Read more »