Brookwood School is excited to host the 2023 North Shore Independent Secondary School Fair on Tuesday, September 19, from 6:00-8:30 p.m.  At the Fair, you have the opportunity to meet admission representatives from close to 90 independent and parochial high schools, to pick up materials from schools of interest, and to learn about the wide range of options available to you.  HERE you will find a flyer listing the schools currently registered for the Fair. 

As the host school for this year’s fair, we encourage you to drop in whether you are actively seeking secondary schools for fall of 2024, or just interested in the idea of what types of schools exist post Brookwood.  From our point of view, it is a great opportunity to go window shopping and “pick up samples,” rather than an in-depth examination of any particular institution.  Many eighth grade families interested in independent or parochial schools have at least some sense of where they may be looking; in those cases, you may stop by to introduce yourself to the reps from your schools of interest. On the other hand, if you are still casting the net, it may be a great way to get some new ideas.

Seventh grade families may find the Fair to be a good bet, simply to get an early sense of what appeals and what doesn’t; in the spring, we will begin the official secondary school process with the Class of 2025.  And seventh grade parents, take note: It is not until then that you should be worried about this process.  At this juncture, your kids should simply be focused on doing their best in school and having some fun along the way. 

Sixth grade families are welcome to attend in the comfort of their known campus; the North Shore Independent Secondary School Fair is co-hosted in collaboration with Glen Urquhart, Shore, and Tower, with GUS hosting next fall.

Please contact Cathy Marrero ( or Evan Diamond with any questions.