As we head into winter and enjoy all the activities that come with it, please note that state guidelines require a PCR test for all individuals crossing state lines. Students will be required to submit a negative PCR COVID test to the health office before a student can return to campus every time they travel to a “High Risk” state. Learn more

Head of School

 Learn more about our next Head of School, Jon Bartlett, who will begin his tenure in August 2021.

A Letter from the Interim Head of School

Brookwood is a school deeply committed to the success of every single child and we understand that the journey looks different for each of our students. A culture of mutual respect, support and collaboration lays the groundwork for success in the exciting and challenging work that lies ahead for each student.  We have a very dedicated faculty who continue with professional development, work closely with department coordinators and they form strong partnerships with families. The outstanding faculty promote critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. On the stage, in the science labs, in the art rooms, researching in the library and in all the classrooms, we see learning in dynamic ways that capture students’ interests and allows learning to come alive.

We hear over and over that “This is where we want our children and grandchildren to be during these important formative years.” The values of cooperation, appreciation, responsibility and empathy have always been at the core of our program. Brookwood is a place where academic excellence is woven together with the importance of emotional well-being and of community.

We welcome you to Brookwood.






Nancy Evans
Interim Head of School

For the 2020-21 school year, Nancy Evans will serve as Interim Head of School to provide leadership continuity during this time. Learn more about our next Head of School, Jon Bartlett, who will begin his tenure in August 2021.

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