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In 1956, Brookwood was founded by a dynamic group of community leaders and educators seeking to build an exceptional school, and their spirit lives on today. Among our faculty and students, we see the drive, perseverance and dedication that motivated that inspired group over 60 years ago.

Since joining Brookwood in 2015, I have learned many things about our wonderful school. Guided by our exceptional faculty, we have an abundance of creative ideas to make learning deep, engaging and enduring.

Our students achieve phenomenal results through ingenuity, careful research, passion and hard work.Laura Caron

Our school community is a place for belonging and support, where everyone has a voice and a seat at the table. As written in our guiding philosophy, The New Face of Rigor, we believe that “how kids feel determines in large measure whether kids learn.” We also believe that “instead of simply finding answers, students need to learn to make good decisions.” These perspectives underscore every interaction we have to ensure that kids are connected, reflective contributors within our classrooms and beyond.

Laura Caron
Head of School

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