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Why Brookwood?

Brookwood School has always been the best place to become the best you.

Since 1956, we’ve been steadfast in fulfilling our founding mission to graduate children of conscience, character, compassion and cultural competence. Now, almost two decades into the 21st century, we live in an exciting time where the nature of work, collaboration and progress is transforming at an extraordinary pace. With our exceptional faculty leading the way, Brookwood helps kids become innovative creators, ethical leaders and contributing citizens in high school and beyond.

Research shows that students learn best when they feel recognized and understood. Education that inspires intellectual growth and equips our kids to develop into confident, capable people is the best way for students to learn and thrive. We know that kids must learn to build and sustain the relationships demanded by the interconnectedness of our world. They need analytical skills to deconstruct the complexity of their lives and the problems they will face; instead of simply finding answers, they need to learn to make good decisions.

Brookwood is a trailblazer for best practices in teaching and learning, and has taken an intentional approach to educational excellence since our inception. It’s not a trend or fad; it’s simply who we are and what sets us apart from other schools.



Student kicks soccer ball during school gameThree students sit on bench outside to workTwo young students look upward with curiosity

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