When is the application for admissions due?

Sibling applications due

EC application deadline

EC & all sibling supporting documents due

EC and sibling notification
K-Grade 8 application deadline
Financial Aid application deadline for admissions families

EC and sibling enrollment deadline
K-Grade 8 supporting documents due

K-Grade 8 notification

K-Grade 8 enrollment deadline

Is there a birthday cut-off date for Early Childhood and Kindergarten?

Students entering the Early Childhood 1 program must be 3 years-old by September 1; those entering the EC2 program must be 4 years-old by September 1. Students entering Kindergarten must be 5 years-old by September 1. Every child is special and unique, and each year, we work in partnership with parents around this readiness decision. We remain open to discussing individual cases and are here to lend our expertise in the effort to best place a child for success as the child begins school.

How many openings are available each year?

We welcome families to apply for admission to any grade, even if it is not an official entry point. The number of openings by grade varies by year with our major entry points enrolling higher numbers of new students into our Early Childhood program and Kindergarten.

Does Brookwood offer financial aid?

A Brookwood education is a significant investment in your child’s future. Brookwood offers 3 payment plans that meet varying family’s needs.   Brookwood’s financial aid program currently supports 26% of our student body. These need-based grants range from 10%-95% of Brookwood’s tuition. Brookwood’s financial aid program is available by application to students entering Kindergarten through Grade 8. 

While Brookwood typically receives more requests for aid than the school can support each year, we encourage all interested families to explore the value of a Brookwood education.

When do we hear from Brookwood about my child's admissions decision?

Brookwood notifies Early Childhood and Brookwood Sibling families of admissions decisions on February 1, with contracts due on February 15, as agreed upon with area independent schools. Applicants to Kindergarten through Grade 8 are notified on March 29 with contracts due April 14. Families who apply after these dates will hear from the school on a rolling basis.

What if we have missed all of the application deadlines
and notifications?

We do accept applications on a rolling basis following the January 15 deadline provided we have space. Please contact the admissions office as soon as possible to inquire about space and availability.

What is the transition like for new students?

Brookwood’s overarching philosophy is based on the premise that how kids feel, directly impacts how they learn. With this in mind, it is important that all students feel welcome and part of the community. Faculty and students begin the year in inclusive and intentional ways. All new students have orientation before the school year gets started and all grades kick off the school-year with community building exercises.

My child hasn't had world language yet, will my child
need additional support when s/he starts at Brookwood?

First, second and third grade students are introduced to the world languages offered Brookwood. In the spring of third grade, families are asked to choose the language their child will study through eighth grade. We realize that many students entering Brookwood at these older grade levels have not had the opportunity to take a world language at their previous schools and the world language teachers are well aware of this. We make every possible effort to create an environment where all of our new students feel at ease and comfortable in class.

For students entering in Seventh or Eighth Grade and have no prior experience, we will require tutoring. If your child has previous experience with a language we will have them take a placement test to see whether or not tutoring will be needed over the summer.

Does Brookwood provide bus transportation?

Brookwood students come from 32 communities all across the North Shore. In an effort to make Brookwood more accessible to families throughout the region, bus transportation is provided to and from a variety of towns. Families sign-up for a half or full year of service starting each September. The school has two separate bus routes to Brookwood: one servicing the Newburyport and Topsfield area and one servicing the  Marblehead/Lynn area. Morning and afternoon service is available for the following towns: Byfield, Ipswich, Lynn, Marblehead, Newbury, Newburyport, Salem, Swampscott, and Topsfield.

What time does the school day begin and end?

Brookwood’s school day begins at 8:20 a.m. (with drop off beginning at 8:00 a.m.) and ends at 3:00 p.m. for Lower School (EC-4) and 4:00 p.m. for Upper School (5-8). Early Childhood has a 12:30 p.m. dismissal with an Extended Day option (12:30 – 3:00 p.m.). See below for Before- and After-School options.

Does Brookwood have an after-school program?

Brookwood works to meet the needs of families by providing extensive before- and after-school programs. Early Birds offers supervised coverage for students of all ages beginning at 7:30 a.m. every morning. Our after-school care runs until 5:30 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Are snack and lunch provided?

Brookwood provides lunch daily in the Liston Commons, where students and teachers dine together. Snacks are served every morning before recess and in the mid-afternoon.

All meals are cooked from scratch using fresh, natural ingredients. A salad bar, deli bar, pasta, and 1% milk is available daily. All soups are gluten free, and gluten free bread and menu items are available daily. Brookwood is a nut-free school. The cost of lunch is included in Brookwood’s annual tuition. Families provide their children with packed daily snacks.

Where do Brookwood students go after eighth grade?

Just as it is our goal to create a school where students are happily engaged in their education so too is it our responsibility to encourage them to take risks, to give them the support to challenge themselves and each other in a safe environment. It is within this environment we believe that children have the best chance to become confident life-long learners. The result is that Brookwood graduates make a significant difference in their next schools and beyond.

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