Our Graduates

When kids learn with curiosity, think deeply and take risks, they confidently walk into whatever’s next.

Our rigorous academic program helps kids become innovative creators, ethical leaders, contributing citizens and lifelong learners. Brookwood students thirst for opportunities to tackle challenges that matter, and they internalize the approaches, habits and outlooks that pay back over a lifetime.

Len Williamson ’05

The friendships I made at Brookwood are still going strong to this day. I also developed key life skills that I use in my professional work now.

Samantha Hawley ’12

I credit early experiences in science class and extracurricular activities such as the cookstove project for sparking my passion for environmental law.


When students are nurtured and challenged to become their best selves, they chart their own course for what’s next, making future plans—like attending top schools—based on choice, not chance.


Brookwood graduates are organized, motivated and invigorated by challenge; they readily pursue and accept leadership opportunities. A Brookwood education prepares nimble and courageous learners to tackle whatever lies beyond these walls.Evan Diamond, Director of Secondary School Process