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Educational rigor has a different face these days; at Brookwood, we know that new face well.

Preparing a student for the world in which we live today is a task entirely unlike that which faced educators years ago. It is no longer enough to require the memorization of important facts and figures. Our students need analytical skills in order to deconstruct the complexity of their lives and the problems they will face; instead of simply finding answers, they need to learn to make good decisions.

At Brookwood, you know exactly what your investment promises to return: an academically rigorous education that nurtures and challenges kids to become their best selves. Our balanced educational approach that develops students’ cognitive, social-emotional and physical skills prepares them for any challenge that comes their way.

Teacher and students write on the whiteboardSpanish teacher speaks at front of classTeacher and students stand and clap in classroom

Prepared for the future.