Shelves lined with trending young adult titles, reference materials and award-winning books surround cozy reading nooks with 21st-century digital resources at the ready—a thoughtfully-designed formula that aims to spark a lifelong love of knowledge and literature for students of all ages.

Featuring an extensive 18,000+ volume print collection, 18 computers, an LCD projector and access to online databases and catalogs, Brookwood’s library serves as a valuable resource for students and faculty throughout the school year as part of our integrated curriculum model. Programs such as the annual One School, One Book initiative and Mystery Book of the Month foster a community-wide culture of reading, and visits from leading authors and illustrators further generate excitement about literature. Brookwood families are also encouraged to utilize our extensive collection to access a variety of child and adolescent development resources.

Additional library resources include the Bennett H. Stayman Professional Collection for parents and faculty, the Dan & Susan Wise Family Collection reflecting cultures around the world, and the Cotreau Family Collection which enhances the library’s social studies materials. Above all, our library is a learning collection; the nonfiction materials are up-to-date, relevant and developed with a constant eye toward best practices in supporting classroom curriculum.

Library Classes

Beginning in Early Childhood and continuing through the 5th grade, Brookwood students enjoy weekly library classes in the adjoining Shlopak and Eleanor M. DiCroce Libraries. Our library curriculum empowers students to expand their knowledge of literature through exposure to a wide variety of genres, recognize reading as a lifelong pursuit, develop information management skills, and synthesize information into a final product as part of the research process. Students in 6th through 8th grade frequently access library resources for a variety of purposes, ranging from selecting books for pleasure reading to seeking research materials for thesis projects.

Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in the library is a wonderful opportunity for Brookwood parents to assist young students while getting to know the library collection—many volunteers end up checking out books to take home to their children! Volunteers typically work in two-hour shifts every two weeks, and duties include checking books in and out, shelving, and shelf-reading to make sure books are in order. Please contact Librarian Sheila Geraty if you are interested in learning more.

Birthday Book Program

This treasured program enables parents, family members or friends to donate a book to the library in a child’s name. With thoughtful consideration for specific interests and reading habits, a book from a recent library order is selected that the child is sure to enjoy. A bookplate is placed in the new book featuring the child’s name, and they are the first reader to check it out! Even after the initial gift, students love finding “their” books on the library shelf for years to come.